GameWare is a program containing twenty different games, from a game-show to strategy games to baseball to a Tetris-ish game. What they all have in common is that they allow the student to test themselves while having a good time. And many of the games allow customization of how hard the game is, in addition to the ability to add your own question lists (the question editor is completely integrated in). 

In VerseTris, the person needs to match the falling verse with its reference at the bottom. Get it wrong, and the blocks pile up. 
Baseball is a favorite game with the users of the program. You create two teams of kids. One team is up. The kids take turn choosing how many bases they are trying for (which affects how hard they want the question). So they bat and are asked a question. Get it wrong, and there is an strike (or out). Get it right, and the ball is hit. But now the ball flies to an outfielder (which is a kid on the other team). Now that player gets a chance to answer a question to "get them out". The game tracks each kids' baseball stats over all games they have played (runs, bases, RBI, etc) and displays them when it is their turn. It is a BLAST!!
VersePuzzle. Try to move the blocks around so the verse reference and the first word of the verse match on all sides. A LOT harder than it sounds!!
Wheel of Scripture. The classic gameshow. You can play either against a computer opponent (there are five different opponents of varying skill levels) or against up to three other players.
VersePente is a quiz version of the classic. Try to get five in a row on the board before you opponent (either person or computer) does. But to place a piece, you need to answer a question. Both good answers and good strategy are needed to win this game.
In BibleMatch, you flip squares, trying to remember where the matching Verse and references are.

And so on. There are twenty games in the program which some focus on challenging the mind, others are focused on being fun group games, but all quiz on knowledge. So there is something for everyone.

Above is one of the main screens showing seven of the one-player games.  

If you decide that you want to use the games, you must register you copy with NonProfitSoft and pay the registration fee of $10 (to support development of future programs).

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