Library Management System

There exists software to allow an organization to run a library. It is generally large, expensive, and hard to learn and upkeep. NonProfitSoft Library Management System was designed from the ground up to be the perfect solution for a church or non-profit. 

What is Library Management System?

The Library Management System is distributed as "shareware". In other words, if you decide to use it, you need to come back to the site and register your version. Also, the program is continually being improved.

Date Changes
06/07/2007 Added two commands for fixing logs -- delete all log entires for a card # and check in all books for a card # 
09/05/2006 Improved Backup -- allow backup to non-floppy drives. Improved Library Of Congress import 
10/23/2001 Bar code printing/scanning support. Improvements in the manual. Support for non-US currency and dates. Miscellaneous improvements.
5/12/2001 Improved reporting and searching, report for people who have overpaid, three levels of sort, various smaller improvements. Plan to add bar coding support soon.
4/2/2001 Custom reports and improved preview
3/1/2001 Downloading book information from the Library of Congress Web site

So check back here every week or two to see what new improvements have been put in which would justify downloading an update.

Download the Library Software Do NOT download this after you have began entering your books, as it will overwrite your existing library. Use update instead!!

Download the an update of the Library Software (takes much less time, but requires the software to be already installed)


To register you copy, click on the "Register this copy" button on the main screen. If you are running an older copy which doesn't have this button, feel free to download the update which contains several improvements as well as this registration button.