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Cisco's Rowan Trollope, Jonathan Rosenberg, And Jens Meggers on Cisco's 2016 Collaboration Vision

July 18, 2016 | Telepresence Options

Last week Cisco Live! in Las Vegas brought together Cisco customers, partners, developers, and engineers for the latest in Cisco's portfolio and a sneak peak of things to come. On the collaboration front Cisco's Rowan Trollope, an SVP and GM of IoT and Applications, Jonathan Rosenberg, CTO of the Collaboration Group, and Jens Meggers, and SVP and GM of the Cloud Collaboration Group made announcements on Cisco & Apple integration, how Cisco is working with IBM on artificially intelligent digital assistants and chat bots, and how Spark is combining next-generation collaboration tools with work flow improvements and wide interoperability.


Microsoft Research's Fusion4D project can enable high fidelity immersive telepresence

July 18, 2016 | Telepresence Options

Thumbnail image for Microsoft.PNG

Microsoft Research recently revealed details about its latest project called Fusion4D which is a new pipeline for live multi-view performance capture, generating temporally coherent high-quality reconstructions in real-time. Their algorithm supports both incremental reconstruction, improving the surface estimation over time, as well as parameterizing the nonrigid scene motion.


Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins' Cisco Live 2016 Keynote Highlights

July 12, 2016 | Telepresence Options


During a keynote presentation at Cisco Live, Cisco Systems CEO Chuck Robbins spoke about aligning business needs with technology, the need to be agile and the importance of security.


Polycom Ends Deal With Mitel, Agrees to Be Bought by Siris Capital

July 9, 2016 | Telepresence Options


Polycom Inc. agreed to be acquired by private-equity firm Siris Capital Group LLC and ended its previously announced deal with Canadian telecommunications company Mitel Networks Corp.


French company makes its own Surface Table using Windows 10

July 6, 2016 | Telepresence Options


Remember the Surface Table? The coffee-table sized tablet that was supposed to become a staple in every corporate office until tablet-sized tablets became a thing? Well the French company Kineti is back with the same idea, albeit at a slightly cheaper price.


Skype Meetings is Microsoft's new free video conferencing tool for small businesses

July 6, 2016 | Telepresence Options


Microsoft today launched Skype Meetings, a new audio and video conferencing tool specifically designed for small businesses. Skype Meetings is essentially a stripped down version of the Skype for Business solution.


AV Magazine Interview's Array Telepresence's David Stirling on Telepresence in EMEA

June 29, 2016 | Telepresence Options

David Stirling is the vice president for EMEA at Array Telepresence and in a previous life ran the immerisve telepresence business in EMEA at Polycom. In this video shot at the Imago ScanSource Business Breakthrough Event in London, David discusses how Array Telepresence's Equal-i Technology allows organizations to broadly and cost-effectively deploy immersive telepresence using their existing videoconferencing end-points and Array's advanced imaging systems. Array will be demonstrating Equal-i @ Cisco Live! in Las Vegas July 11th-13th. Click Here to schedule a demo at the Array Booth # 1651 OR the company is hosting a Demo Week event July 18th-22nd where they can connect with you over videoconferencing. Details here:



TVPRO HD6 is a $146 mini PC that looks like a webcam (for video conferencing)

June 24, 2016 | Telepresence Options


I've got a Logitech webcam that sits on top of my monitor waiting for me to plug it in when I'm making a video call. It's held in place by a small clip that grabs the edge of my display. And when I saw a picture of the new TVPRO HD6 computer, my first thought was that it looks a bit like my webcam... and there's a good reason for that.


Let's Do Video's InfoComm 2016 Wrap-Up

June 20, 2016 | Thomas Kayser


Let's Do Video is pleased to bring you our coverage of InfoComm 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada. InfoComm is often considered a must for anyone involved in North American AV and it's easy to see why. This year's show had a record number of exhibitors showing off all the latest technologies and attendees showed up in big numbers to see them. This year, 38,883 people attended InfoComm to receive training, see industry thought leaders, learn about the latest trends, and play with the newest gadgets - including me. Below are some of my big takeaways from this year's exciting show.


New Intel CPUs Have NSA Exploitable Secret Hidden Backdoor

June 20, 2016 | Telepresence Options


New Intel CPUs come with a hidden backdoor that can allow hackers or the NSA to control your computer remotely even while PC is turned off


The Four C's at InfoComm 2016 - Wainhouse Research's Andrew Davis' take on the Show

June 16, 2016 | Telepresence Options


The Curious Case of the Microsoft-LinkedIn Acquisition

By now you've likely heard the news that Microsoft announced its intent to acquire LinkedIn for $26 billion - that dollar figure alone is newsworthy and this was top news in the mainstream press. While lightly parsing the numbers, Bill -- with a few additional thoughts from some of his WR pals -- tackles the big picture. Get out your popcorn and beer too, this is going to be fun to watch!


Polycom RealConnect makes multi-vendor videoconferencing easy

June 13, 2016 | Telepresence Options


Videoconferencing and the enterprise have had a good old love-hate relationship over the past few decades. It's kind of like what's happening with Tom Brady and the NFL. Both know they're better off with each other, but there's so much historical pain that it's hard to move on and give each other another shot.


Array Telepresence @ InfoComm 2016 and Company News

June 7, 2016 | Telepresence Options

Array_ScanSource_InfoComm_Booth_Map.jpgArray Telepresence Is exhibiting at InfoComm 2016 this week. The company announced three new distributors: ScanSource Communications in North America, FVC in the Middle East & North Africa, and Esco in Singapore/Asia Pacific. Array will be demonstrating Equal-I Technology in the ScanSource Communication's booth N1921 and is booking demonstrations and booth meetings at:


Double Robotics converted its telepresence bot into a camera operator for shooting 360 video

June 5, 2016 | Telepresence Options


For the last few years, we've toyed around with the Double, a telepresence robot from Double Robotics. It lets you affix an iPad to a set of wheels and cruise around an office, communicating remotely with your colleagues. Today, the company announced a new application for its bot: a camera carrier that allows you to capture smooth, 360-degree video, a medium which is growing alongside the burgeoning virtual reality industry.


Intel's Skylake Xeon E3-1500 v5 chips are hardware accelerated for HEVC

June 5, 2016 | Telepresence Options


CHIPMAKER Intel has unveiled new Skylake Xeon E3-1500 v5 server processors that aim to accelerate video and multimedia workloads for service providers.

Intel announced the latest additions at the Computex in Taiwan, saying that new features include on-chip embedded DRAM, Iris Pro graphics and specialised accelerator hardware such as the Quick Sync video technology for video transcoding.


Yealink Collaborates With Zoom to Launch Conference Room Solution

May 23, 2016 | Telepresence Options


Yealink presents the innovative "One-Button Meeting Access" function to reinforce the pairing between Yealink VC110 videoconferencing room system and Zoom's cloud-based platform

Xiamen, China - May 19, 2016 - Yealink, the global leading unified communication (UC) terminal solution provider, is pleased to announce a joint solution with Zoom Video Communications ( that includes a seamless combination of the Yealink VC110 All-in-One video conferencing endpoint and Zoom's cloud-based HD video communications software. Yealink also launched a new tailored "One-Button Meeting Access" function with its VC110 to reinforce the joint solution. This solution is flexible - it targets small (4-6 people) to medium-sized (12 people or less) meeting rooms, although both Yealink and Zoom solutions are ideal for rooms of all sizes. It also brings remarkable ease for customers.

Zoom unifies cloud video conferencing, simple online meetings, group messaging and a software-defined conference room solution into one easy-to-use platform. To solve the challenges of different-sized meeting spaces and to address the concerns of growing businesses, Yealink's VC110 ensures a high quality 1080P Full HD video experience with no sacrifices while still providing ease of installation, deployment and usage.


Introducing the AVBot - Audio Visual Organization for #Slack

May 17, 2016 | Telepresence Options

AV-Bot_Slack.pngConference Room Systems has introduced a new free resource for audio visual managers, IT support technicians and audio visual integrators! It's called the AVBot for Slack. The AVBot is a real-time resource management system specifically designed to organize meeting room technology in Slack.


Disney's Haptic Telepresence Robot that Can Thread Needles

May 16, 2016 | Telepresence Options


If you have ever been to a Disney park, you can understand why the company would be working on different types of robots. The part is filled with mechanical actors that move around and perform in many of the rides. Disney Research has unveiled a new telepresence robot that will have a much wider range of use than lip-synching "It's a Small World" in a creepy ride for kids. What the researchers at Disney Research have created is a new type of hydrostatic transmission that uses a hybrid air-water configuration.

This new transmission would be used inside of a robot and is said to be analogous to an N+1 cable-tendon transmission using N hydraulic lines and one pneumatic line for a system with N degrees of freedom. The common air-filled line would preload all of the degrees of freedom in the system according to the research paper accompanying the creation. The team says that the new transmission allows for the stiffness of a water-filled transmission with half the number of hydraulic lines previously required.

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>


Give Your Video Conference Room a "Stage" with Cisco PresenterTrack

May 12, 2016 | Telepresence Options


About 18 months ago, members of my engineering team conducted customer site visits and came back with a most interesting challenge. They met a Spanish teacher who needed to teach a physical/virtual class over video, but current technology constrained her ability to move about the classroom. Any teacher will tell you that it's an unnatural experience to spend the entire class in a fixed position.

The school already had video-conferencing equipment, but the experience just wasn't right for what this teacher wanted to do. The IT team couldn't figure out a simple way for her to move around that didn't require a complicated room and equipment set-up, and maybe even a producer and film crew involved to direct cameras.

We've done a lot to make video conferencing more natural and easy to use. But, until now, it's pretty much still a seated experience. This goes against the natural tendencies of many people (including me) who would prefer to move when presenting. Even when rooms are set up so that the presenter could stand, they didn't allow presenters the flexibility to move beyond a fixed a point. And, the far-end audience was often left with a view of the back of the presenter's head.

What's the point of video conferencing if you can't see faces and reactions?

I'm happy to report that we solved the problem for that Spanish teacher. And just last month, we made the technology - PresenterTrack - available to the rest of the world.


The Best of Visual Collaboration @ London's Business Breakthrough Event - May 26th

May 11, 2016 | Telepresence Options

Imago_Business_Breakthrough_London_2016.jpgVideo, audio and cloud players gather to present new, innovative solutions on 26 May at The Brewery in the City of London for the Imago ScanSource Business Breakthrough Event.

30 vendors on show include Polycom, NEC, Samsung and Barco. Imago ScanSource will be working with Array Telepresence to show the new i-Kandy video conferencing solution, and with Vidyo and Polycom to demonstrate the latest enhancements to the VaaS-t cloud-based services.

Alongside vendor displays and demonstrations, Imago ScanSource is also organising a series of technical and enterprise focused seminars presented by key speakers from the broadcast, AV and global tech industry. In addition, the company is joining forces with its US parent ScanSource to present vendors such as Avaya, Unify, Shoretel and Spectralink.

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